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Certify Documents with Time Stamping

In various business fields, forms must be filed out, delivered, and filed within a certain timeframe. The most efficient and official way to be sure of a document's timely delivery is with a time stamp. Allied Business Machines in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, offers time stamping machines and numbering machines to help you keep track of time-sensitive files.

Time Stamps

Heavy duty time stamp for imprinting year, month, date, and time on almost any size paper. Many options are available for your specific needs. Solid-state circuitry controls a crisp, constant print every time. Solid brass type wheels provide superior imprint quality. Size H 7 7/16", W 4 11/16", D 10 3/16".

Automatic Trigger Printing | Heavy Duty All-Metal Case with Key Lock | All-Metal Type Wheels | Long Life Ribbon That's Easy to Change | Adjustable Print for Multiple Copies | Custom Engraving for above or below Time

Numbering Machines

Whenever sequential numbering is required, this device is the one to use. Many options are available for your application: duplicate action, repeat switch and code wheels. Solid-state circuitry controls both the number advance and assures consistent impressions. These models stamp a number each time a document is inserted, and advance automatically. Ask for the ADN-E if both the date and sequential numbers are needed. Solid brass type wheels provide superior imprint quality and long life.

Optional Features | Adjustable Trigger & Print Placement | Repeat Switch for Stamping the Same Number More than Once | Reverse Print for Stamping at the Bottom of the Page | Additional Number Wheels or Letter Wheels | Custom Engraving for above or below Numbers