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A leader in time equipment business since 1960

Some of our products and services are:

Make sure your entire team is coming to work on time with time clocks and recording devices. These simple machines keep track of your employee's hours and are easy to understand.
Time Clocks & Recording Devices
When you have documents that must be delivered by a certain time or date, then time stamping is the solution. Ensure that your important files were in the right place at the right time with timestamps.
Time Stamps for Official Documents
Our team also supplies regular clocks for keeping track of time. We have both digital and analog clocks in a variety of sizes, and can help you wire these clocks to sirens and other devices.
Digital & System Clocks
If you've purchased one of our time clock systems, you'll need to order the cards as well. Buy them in bulk the first time to make sure you never have to worry about it again.
Never Run Out of Cards Supplies

Get your employees back on schedule.
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About Us

At Allied Business Machines in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we are your source for timekeeping business machines. From time clocks for managing employee hours, to time stamping machines for tracking important documents, we have them all. We also sell analog and digital clocks that can be used for display in public buildings, and can be wired to bells or PA tones for schools and similar locations. Let our decades of experience guide you to the timekeeping business machines that best meets your needs.


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